I see in you the MAN you can be.

menswork Sep 11, 2020

I originally wrote this from a place of pain but pain that inspired me to be better.

I see in you the MAN you can be.

And I see the BOY that you still are.

I think that it's a nice representation of a duality that is in all of us that we need to embrace and nurture. Force yourself to read it from both a positive and negative perspective.

To me, it's a firm reminder to operate in integrity from here on in. Step up, take responsibility and be the MAN everyone deserves – be the man I am meant to be for myself and others. Acknowledge the BOY that is still in me but allow only the good qualities he has to come through like curiosity, wonder, unconditional love, and adventure.

Most importantly, it reminds me to seek fulfillment over fleeting happiness.





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